Lunch menu - Summer 2018


Slow cooked Arctic trout served with fried scallops, spinach puré and pickled pearl onion| 1.950 kr.

Seafood soup with blue mussels and shrimps | 1.900 kr.


Main courses

Today´s special. Ask the waiter about the today´s special | 2.900 kr.

Salted cod served with paprika sauce, cauliflower and pine nuts | 3.350 kr.

Grilled Lamb fillet with thyme glaze served with Hasselback potato, honey glazed carrots and vegetables | 4.100 kr.

Chicken salad served with cherry tomatoes, parmesan crisps and Caesar´s dressing | 2.700 kr.



Warm chocolate cake served with ice cream, raspberries, creme anglaise and peanut crumble | 1.300 kr.

Peter´s Ice Cream triplet. Three different types of Ice Cream with berries and peanut crumble on the side | 1.100 kr